yesterday in the studio

I finished a pair of earrings for Brianna.

it’s so fun to use different colours, I only used to use a limited palette of fluoro colours.

I think these colours will be super awesome alongside Brianna’s beautiful woven creations, she might even wear them to her Bleemweaver exhibition opening next week!

I made ada a little tiny purple pinky ring.

because purple is her favourite colour

and she always wants to play with my wedding ring

now she will have her own.

I stuck my beautiful mothers day card from lily and dan on the studio wall.

it was an unexpected bright and spotty dotty delight.

and I’m not even their mother!

this is what I found on the underside of my desk

also unexpected.

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3 Responses to yesterday in the studio

  1. Karen says:

    oh Lucy … Ada looks just too gorgeous!!
    love the new work too!

  2. Brianna says:

    I certainly will be wearing these lovely earrings Lucy 🙂 and i forgive you for going to that Amazing place with out me!

    • lucyhearn says:

      Thanks Karen, we have to have another breakfast date I think, let me know when you’ll be over at the studio.

      I’m so glad you love them Brianna, can’t wait to choose something of yours! And I’m very glad you forgive me too. All the wool was carpet wool, very scratchy.

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