more peaches + keen

these are some installation images of my work at the exhibition last week

I have been thinking about how lucky I was to have the chance to put together an exhibition with my best buddy, and kind of slip back into making art.
I didn’t want to make  super serious jewellery, I just wanted to have fun and loosen up a little. I have found it very difficult to return to serious making after having a long break so soon after finishing my studies. After so long away from a bench, old ideas didn’t seem so relevant anymore, and access to certain tools and machinery was no longer so simple.

Once I had made my work for the Peaches + Keen exhibition I was so nervous about showing such different work. I haven’t been that unsure of my work for quite some time.

So the point is that the experience was made much less terrifying by creating the exhibition with my beautiful talented friend Lily. Her ideas are always amazing and our work compliments each others so happily. It was also made easier by the presence of so many lovely and supportive people. So a big thankyou to everyone who helped to make this exhibition FUN!

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