a few more collages






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2 Responses to drawings

  1. Lucy and Ada came for a visit today! We looked at Lucy’s blog and we have some comments:
    George: I am inspired – the collage looks like a cannon ball with a rain drop coming out
    Ruby: it looks like a lemon on a pancake with a green umbrella and a fly
    Rick: it looks like a spaceship going into the sun and there is a satellite and a moon
    Noah: the collages can be whatever you want them to be!
    PJ: it looks like the top of a robots head with a red eye but no body
    Ryan: it looks like a dart board – or like a pin the tail on the donkey. One also looks like a duck. Quack.
    Stefania: one of them looks like a dog
    Andrew: it looks like a sun holding a shield
    Billy: one of them looks like a baby chicken that is on an old fashioned go kart that is spitting out water and it is on a lily pad.

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