what do you do when an older neighbour invites you into her house and presents you with a giant bag of original (never been worn) nylon 1970’s childrens underwear?

accept them I suppose.

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4 Responses to presents!

  1. lily says:

    This is too funny.

    Maybe you should make them into underpant bunting!

  2. Karen says:

    Lily – ‘underpant bunting’ – I LOVE IT!

    Oh Lucy … I’d have trouble not bursting out laughing while accepting said unusual gift … how on earth did you hold yourself together?

  3. lucyhearn says:

    Ha Ha! I couldn’t laugh she scares me just the smallest bit. And the whole visit was quite entertaining. I never imagined so many giant hollywood cowboy posters in the living room of an older and quite traditional greek couple. How I love to stickybeak.

    Not completely sure what to do with the undies though.

  4. Tennielle says:

    To quote my favorite niece, ‘that’s amazing’… Not sure I have any other words!

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