ada and the mt tape

this blog was supposed to be mostly about my jewellery practice, but seeing as I spend so much more of my time with ada than with my jewellery, the blog seems to feature her a lot more than I had planned.
anyway, the point I want to make is that I try not to make this blog just about being a mother and being all gushy about how amazing my child is…
but today that is just what I’m going to do!
over the weekend, ada and I sat down together to make a birthday card for aunty tennielle, this quickly turned into decorating the present and making another card for uncle richard (in case he felt left out perhaps).
dinner was the only way to stem this creative tidal wave!
I think the following artworks that ada created (with a little scissor work from myself) are my favourite things that she has made!
but I am her mother!

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3 Responses to ada and the mt tape

  1. lily says:

    Wow, these are really special. Good to see creativity runs in the family x

  2. tennielle says:

    No bias here, they are amazing, Richard was super chuffed to not be left out of the fun. Thanks so much for my gorgeous pressies & card šŸ™‚

  3. lucyhearn says:

    ada is obsessed with sticking tape now! we bought lots more together.

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