peaches + keen have been busy moving into our brand new studio space!
it’s so awesome to finally have somewhere to work together that isn’t the loungeroom floor, it’s also a beautiful clean space full of lovely creatives.

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hello again

this saturday will be the final day to see the peaches + keen window at craft victoria, so if you haven’t made it up there yet, make sure you get there soon!

in other news, lily and I have joined instagram, just in case you feel like you need more of us in your life!
you can search for us under peachesandkeen

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things are moving very slowly around here now…
not a lot of energy for anything more than trying to keep ada and our house in some kind of order, hopefully the real estate people will understand when they come for the inspection tomorrow!

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necklace fun

its getting harder and harder to tell who has more fun when ada and I start making things together, usually ada does since I have to do most of the work while she directs!

we made lots of lovely paper beads with our favourite mt tape and plenty of peaches + keen coloured paper.

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my wooden range of jewellery for peaches + keen is now available from craft victoria, along with other bits and pieces from the window exhibition.
so pop in, if you’d like to check them out or try something on.

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this week a very exciting shop is about to pop!
modern times
a vintage danish furniture heaven, garnished with lovely artworks, homewares and jewellery, some of which have been made by me.
not sure how long this pop-up will be around for so hop on down to 311 smith st in collingwood and have a look…
opening this weekend.

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things have been pretty crazy busy lately with all the peaches + keen goings on around here, which means not so much has been happening in my jewellery life.
although I do have a little something up my sleeve.
these images are from the little street party we had after installing our window, somehow ada became the star attraction of the evening, despite all the efforts lily and I went to in dressing alike!
and yes, the bump is no longer just a bump, but a full six months pregnant belly that cannot be ignored, no wonder I am so exhausted.
can I lie down now please?

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