hello and goodbye (for a little while)

Dear Blog,
Prepare to be even more neglected.
A new member of the family is almost ready to make an appearance.
I may be a little pre-occupied for some time.
The peaches + keen blog will continue however, so don’t forget to check in over there.
Back soon, I hope.
Love from

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Grand Sale!!! 20% OFF

as you may have noticed, things are slowing down around here, due to the impending birthday of my second baby.
so, before I downgrade to a much smaller online store, I am having a very exciting sale!
only while stock lasts, so get in quick!
unfortunately I won’t be taking orders for the next little while.


discount code – GRANDSALE

ends this sunday 3/6/2012 at 11pm

the plastic earrings will soon be available from the new peaches + keen online store, coming very soon.
they will now become a part of the peaches + keen collection.

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hoonin’ around

apparently I drive a little bit quickly sometimes?

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pink and orange

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hammer time

two new friends… one for each studio
I am one lucky lady having TWO studios to work in
and callum is one lucky guy having a lady that loves shopping for tools as much as he does

obviously it’s a match made in heaven!

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the view

I’m certain there used to be feet in this picture.

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peaches + keen have been busy moving into our brand new studio space!
it’s so awesome to finally have somewhere to work together that isn’t the loungeroom floor, it’s also a beautiful clean space full of lovely creatives.

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hello again

this saturday will be the final day to see the peaches + keen window at craft victoria, so if you haven’t made it up there yet, make sure you get there soon!

in other news, lily and I have joined instagram, just in case you feel like you need more of us in your life!
you can search for us under peachesandkeen

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things are moving very slowly around here now…
not a lot of energy for anything more than trying to keep ada and our house in some kind of order, hopefully the real estate people will understand when they come for the inspection tomorrow!

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